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Franchise History

Franchise History
Year Tm Lg G W L Ties W-L% pythW-L% Finish GB Playoffs R RA Attendance BatAge PAge #Bat #P Top Player Managers
2016Tampa Bay RaysAL East16268940.420.4735th of 5--6727131,286,1630.00.04825K.Kiermaier (5.5)K.Cash (68-94)
2015Tampa Bay RaysAL East16280820.494.5014th of 5--6446421,287,0540.00.05127K.Kiermaier (7.3)K.Cash (80-82)
2014Tampa Bay RaysAL East16277850.475.4904th of 5--6126251,446,4640.00.04323B.Zobrist (4.9)J.Maddon (77-85)
2013Tampa Bay RaysAL East16392710.564.5372nd of 5--Lost LDS (3-1)7006461,510,3000.00.04221E.Longoria (6.2)J.Maddon (92-71)
2012Tampa Bay RaysAL East16290720.556.5863rd of 5--6975771,559,6810.00.04318D.Price (6.9)J.Maddon (90-72)
2011Tampa Bay RaysAL East16291710.562.5642nd of 5--Lost LDS (3-1)7076141,529,1880.00.04221B.Zobrist (8.7)J.Maddon (91-71)
2010Tampa Bay RaysAL East16296660.593.5961st of 5--Lost LDS (3-2)8026491,864,9990.00.03717E.Longoria (8.1)J.Maddon (96-66)
2009Tampa Bay RaysAL East16284780.519.5293rd of 5--8037541,874,9620.00.04121B.Zobrist (8.6)J.Maddon (84-78)
2008Tampa Bay RaysAL East16297650.599.5651st of 5--Lost WS (4-1)7746711,811,9860.00.04621C.Pena (5.1)J.Maddon (97-65)
2007Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East16266960.407.4155th of 5--7829441,387,6030.00.04524C.Pena (7.2)J.Maddon (66-96)
2006Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East162611010.377.4025th of 5--6898561,368,9500.00.04925C.Crawford (4.5)J.Maddon (61-101)
2005Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East16267950.414.4005th of 5--7509361,141,6690.00.04321C.Crawford (4.4)L.Piniella (67-95)
2004Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East16170910.435.4254th of 5--7148421,274,9110.00.04824C.Crawford (4.9)L.Piniella (70-91)
2003Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East16263990.389.4205th of 5--7158521,058,6950.00.05124A.Huff (4.0)L.Piniella (63-99)
2002Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East161551060.342.3625th of 5--6739181,065,7420.00.04322R.Winn (4.9)H.McRae (55-106)
2001Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East162621000.383.3765th of 5--6728871,298,3650.00.04624T.Sturtze (3.3)L.Rothschild (4-10) and H.McRae (58-90)
2000Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East16169920.429.4375th of 5--7338421,449,6730.00.05124A.Lopez (3.2)L.Rothschild (69-92)
1999Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East16269930.426.4245th of 5--7729131,562,8270.00.04624F.McGriff (4.0)L.Rothschild (69-93)
1998Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East16263990.389.4135th of 5--6207512,506,2930.00.04222R.Arrojo (4.1)L.Rothschild (63-99)
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