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1934 Goudey

1,000 Runs Batted In is a major milestone in a baseball player's career. It demonstrates that a player was a good run producer for a prolonged period of his career. As of August 2015, there have been 279 players who have achieved 1,000 career RBIs. The charter member of the club was Cap Anson, who reached the mark in the 1886 season. Anson later became the first National League player to reach 1,000 RBI during the 1888 season. Sam Crawford was the first player to achieve 1,000 RBIs in the American League, doing so in the 1914 season.

Records and Trivia[edit]

Mel Ott was the youngest player in MLB history to reach 1,000 RBIs in his career; he was 27 years, 94 days old when he achieved the feat. Ott was the youngest NL player to reach the 1,000 mark whereas Jimmie Foxx was the youngest AL player to reach the mark at 27 years, 236 days old. Hank Greenberg was the fastest player in major league history to reach the 1,000 RBI mark; he did so in his 1,026th game. Greenberg also holds the AL record for achieving this feat. Hack Wilson holds the modern National League record by reaching 1,000 RBIs in 1,201 games. Sam Thompson however had 1,019 RBI in first 1,147 NL games but record keeping from the period is incomplete at best.