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Billy Hamilton

Scoring 1,000 runs is a big milestone in a baseball player's career. It demonstrates that a player was a productive member of the lineup for several seasons. There is great debate about the importance of certain baseball statistics but the point of a baseball game is to score more runs than the opposing team. Scoring runs is an essential part of the game and scoring 1,000 runs is a pretty big achievement. There have been 337 players who have joined the 1,000 runs club during their career (as of April 2019). Jim O'Rourke was the charter member of the club; he scored his 1000th run during the 1885 season. King Kelly was the first National League player to score 1,000 runs, as he did so in the 1888 season. Napoleon Lajoie was the first player to score 1,000 runs in the American League; he reached the mark during the 1914 season.

Records and Trivia[edit]


Mel Ott is the youngest player to ever score 1,000 career runs; he scored his 1,000th run at 27 years, 168 days old. Ott scored all of his runs in the National League. Alex Rodriguez is the youngest AL player to score 1,000 runs; he reached the mark at 28 years, 47 days old. Ted Williams is the fastest recorded player in MLB history to score 1,000 runs; he scored his 1,000th run in his 1,097th game. Billy Hamilton scored 1,045 runs in 904 games but records from his era are incomplete at best.

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