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Number 13 has traditionally been shunned by players because of long-standing superstitious beliefs associated with the number in western culture, known as "triskaidekaphobia". The fact that Ralph Branca wore it when he gave up the Shot Heard 'Round the World also contributed to its unpopularity within baseball circles. However, it is popular in Venezuela, which explains why Dave Concepcion, Omar Vizquel and Edgardo Alfonzo have all worn it. Since the 1970s, the number has been worn much more frequently.

While Roberto Clemente is iconically associated with the number 21, 13 was the first number he wore as a major leaguer, in 1955. He switched to number 21 in May of that year, after Earl Smith, who wore the number before him, was sent down to the minors.

13 is also the most teams for which someone has played in the majors: Octavio Dotel and Edwin Jackson have both pitched for 13 different teams, while Matt Stairs has played for that many (although those include both the Montréal Expos and Washington Nationals, who are part of the same franchise).

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