1934 Philadelphia Bacharach Giants

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1934 Philadelphia Bacharach Giants / Franchise: Atlantic City Bacharach Giants / BR Team Page[edit]

Record: 5-20-0, Finished 7th in Negro National League (1934 NNL)

Managed by Otto Briggs

Ballpark: Passon Field

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

The 1934 Philadelphia Bacharach Giants were the only Negro National League season for the team, which was otherwise independent in its four seasons in Philadelphia. Some sources still identify them as the Atlantic City Bacharach Giants, even though they shared a home park with the 1934 Philadelphia Stars.

The team was one of the weakest in the NNL, winning only a fifth of their games, better than just Cleveland. A couple players did well, though. RF Darltie Cooper hit .407/.407/.593 for a 184 OPS+, C Joe Lewis hit .395/.477/.447 for a 165 OPS+ and LF Ed Stone batted .298/.375/.386 for a 118 OPS+. Other regulars were 1B Zack Clayton (.293/.406/.310, 107 OPS+), 2B Obie Lackey (.247/.267/.342, 74 OPS+), SS Javier Pérez (.188/.278/.266, 56 OPS+), 3B Joe Wiggins (.147/.171/.176, 0 OPS+) and CF Crush Holloway (.141/.176/.211, 10 OPS+).

The pitching staff was somewhat better with a 84 ERA+ (5th in the league) to the offense's 7th-place 73 OPS+. Cooper (0-3, 3.54, 130 ERA+) was their top hurler to make five appearances; the others were Luther Farrell (1-3, 5.47, 84 ERA+), Laymon Yokely (0-4, 6.55, 70 ERA+) and Sonny Collins (1-1, 7.36, 62 ERA+).

All stats listed are per the Seamheads database 2/5/2021

Awards and Honors[edit]

  • All-Stars: None