1952 Amateur World Series

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The 1952 Amateur World Series was the 13th Amateur World Series. It was held in Havana from September 6 through September 26. Starting this year and continuing until 2007, Cuba would win every Amateur World Series/Baseball World Cup it entered - a run of 20 titles.

Flag of Cuba Cuba went 9-2, including a 4-1 record in the final round. Sungo Carrera managed the team, which had a balanced attack. J. Suarez (3-1) led the staff in wins.

Flag of Dominican Republic Dominican Republic took home Silver, going 3-2 in the final round after a 4-1 preliminary round. A. Martinez tied for the most runs (13) and Eufemio Marte led in average (.436). Marte tied for the most hits in the event with 17. Humberto Evangelista had the best record at 4-1.

Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico went 7-3, including 2-2 in the final round to take Bronze. They were the only team to beat Cuba in the finals. Papi Figueroa led in triples (3) while José “Ronquito” García led in homers (2) and steals (7). Sotero Ortiz tied for the most doubles (4) and runs (13).

Flag of Panama Panama finished 6-3, 2-2 in the final round. Oliver Hardy led the event with 12 RBI.

Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua was 6-5, 2-3 in the final round. J. Ortiz tied for the double lead with 4. Carlos Navas managed them.

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela was 1-4 in the finals after going 4-1 in the preliminary round.

Flag of Mexico Mexico was 3-3 in the preliminary round.

Flag of Colombia Colombia went 2-3 in the preliminary round.

Flag of Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles and Flag of El Salvador El Salvador were both 2-4 in the preliminary round.

Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica was 1-4 in the first round.

Flag of Guatemala Guatemala was 0-5 in the preliminary round.

Flag of Honduras Honduras went 0-6 in the preliminary round.

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Source: A History of Cuban Baseball by Peter Bjarkman