1991 Canadian National Junior Team

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The 1991 Canadian National Junior Team won the 1991 World Junior Championship. It was Canada's first win in a major international tournament; they would not win another until the 2011 Pan American Games.

They beat the Netherlands (10-0) and Australia (9-7), lost in extra innings to Cuba, beat Brazil, Mexico, Italy, the USA (10-6) and Nigeria. In the finals, Dan Brabant (5 2/3 IP) and Jason Birmingham (3 1/3 IP) beat Taiwan, 5-2. Todd Betts had a two-run double in the 6th and Troy Croft homered.

Team members were Jason Dickson, Mark Fraser, Rob Nicholson, Dan Brabant, Todd Betts, Joe Young, Troy Croft, Jim Curtis, Mike McKinley, B.J. Richardson, Todd Schell, Kevin Collins, Blaise Laveay, Jason Gooding, Stubby Clapp, Jason Lee, Jason Birmingham and Ken Torrance. John Haar was the manager. Tony Flood, Gord Leduchowski and Gary Picone. Dickson and Clapp would play in the majors.

In 1992, the team was inducted as a group in to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

Source: Canadian Hall of Fame