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2,000 Hits[edit]

2,000 hits is a big milestone in a baseball players career. It may not be a hallmark of greatness like 3,000 hits but it does signify a good career as a hitter. 2,000 hits in a career does not guarantee a player a spot in the Hall of Fame but it is practically a prerequisite for the hall. As an example, there have been 8 players in history who hit 400 home runs without 2,000 hits; none of whom have made the Hall of Fame. As of August 2015, there have been 278 players who have reached 2,000 hits in their career. The charter member of the 2,000 hit club was Cap Anson; he achieved the feat in the 1888 NL season. Napoleon Lajoie was the first player to accumulate 2,000 hits in the American League, doing so in the 1911 AL season.

Records and Trivia[edit]


Ty Cobb was the youngest player to achieve 2,000 hits in his career; he reached the mark at the age of 29 years, 184 days. Cobb is the only player to rack up 2,000 hits before his 30th birthday. Cobb holds the record in the AL whereas Rogers Hornsby holds the National League record by getting his 2,000th hit at 30 years, 57 days old. Al Simmons achieved 2,000 hits faster than anyone in the 20th Century, as he reached the mark in 1,390 games. Willie Keeler reached 2,000 hits in fewer games than Simmons (he had 2,115 hits in 1,363 games) but record keeping regarding which game he reached it in is rare. Simmons is also the American League record holder for the fastest 2,000 hits. Lloyd Waner holds the record in the National League by reaching 2,000 hits in 1,453 games.