2007 Serie A1

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Serie A1
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The 2007 Serie A1 featured only eight teams, the smallest number of teams to play in the top league since 1982. Montepaschi Grosseto won the Italian Series, their fourth scudetto. Avigliana made their Serie A1 debut and finished in last place.

There were two no-hitters pitched in Serie A1 in 2007. Firstly, Junior Oberto pitched a Perfect Game for Grosseto as they beat T&A San Marino 6-0 on April 14, then on May 18, former major leaguer Andrew Lorraine pitched a no-hitter vs Avigliana.


  1. Cariparma, 28-14 (Gilberto Gerali)
  2. Italeri Bologna, 27-15 (Marco Nanni)
  3. Montepaschi Grosseto, 26-16 (Mauro Mazzotti)
  4. Caffe Danesi Nettuno, 25-17 (Ruggero Bagialemani)
  5. Telemarket Rimini, 21-21 (Mike Romano)
  6. T&A San Marino, 21-21 (Doriano Bindi)
  7. De Angelis Godo, 12-30 (Maurizio Zoli)
  8. Avigliana, 8-34 (Gianmario Costa)

Semi Finals: Grosseto beat Bologna, Nettuno beat Parma



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