2016 Italian Baseball League

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Italian Baseball League
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The 2016 Italian Baseball League season was the first since 1950 not to include Nettuno. Before the season began they informed the league they would not enter a team due to financial reasons. A new team, Nettuno Baseball City took their place in the IBL. Only seven teams took part in the IBL this year. Strikeouts leader Jonnathan Aristil of Novara went 0-10.

Regular Season Standings[edit]

  1. UnipolSai Bologna, 27-9 (Daniele Frignani)
  2. Rimini, 22-14 (Orlando Muñoz)
  3. T&A San Marino, 22-14 (Doriano Bindi/Mauro Mazzotti)
  4. Angel Service Netttuno, 21-15 (Alberto D'Auria)
  5. Parma, 18-18 (Gilberto Gerali)
  6. Tommasin Padova, 14-22 (Francesco Aluffi)
  7. Novara, 2-34 (Clayton Carson)

Semi Finals: Bologna beat Nettuno BC, Rimini beat San Marino



Gold Gloves[edit]

Silver Sluggers[edit]