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The 40-40 club represents the most elite company of power and speed in a single season. It usually refers to a season with 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season - although occasionally it is meant to refer to 40 home runs and 40 doubles in a season (Willie Stargell got quite a bit of attention for accomplishing that in 1973).

The members are:

Near misses:

There is also a less exclusive 30-30 club. Players are never said to be in the 20-20 club or 25-25 club, although Eric Davis and Joe Morgan drew attention for their unusual accomplishments: Davis and Rickey Henderson created the 25-80 club in 1986, while Morgan achieved the 25-60 club twice.

Bill James devised the Power/speed number to quantify the combination of stolen bases and homers. Alex Rodriquez' 1998 figure of 43.9 is the highest Power/Speed number ever. The second and third highest Power/Speed Numbers (PSN) registered were Eric Davis in 1987 - 42.5 (37 HR/ 50 SB) and Rickey Henderson in 1986 - 42.4 (28 HR/ 87 SB).

The first 40-40 player in the Korea Baseball Organization was Eric Thames of the NC Dinos in 2015 (47 HR, 40 SB).

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