Boundary Field

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FIRST GAME: April 14, 1904

LAST GAME: October 6, 1910, vs. Boston Red Sox (Doubleheader)



Boundary Field was the home of the American Association's Washington Statesmen in 1891 and of the Washington Senators of the National League from 1892 to 1899.

In 1904, it was remodelled to become the home of the Washington Senators of the American League, after an agreement with the National League to lift the lease it had maintained on the facility after the NL Senators had been contracted following the 1899 season, forcing the AL team to use American League Park I for its first three seasons. The stands from that ballpark were transferred to this site as part of the remodelling. It remained the team's home, known as American League Park II, until the end of the 1910 season. A fire caused by a plumber's blow lamp caused it to be burned to the ground on March 17, 1911, while the Senators were in spring training.

One of the unusual features of the ballpark was that there was a doghouse in right field that was used as a storage shed where the flag was kept between games. The doghouse was considered to be in play. Famously, outfielder Socks Seybold of the Philadelphia Athletics once got himself stuck in the shed's entrance while trying to recover a baseball that had rolled into it.

Further Reading[edit]

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