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Erasmus Arlington Pond

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Biographical Information[edit]

Arlie Pond was a success in the major leagues, but became famous as a humanitarian (and apparently wealthy) during decades spent in the Philippines.

Pond was named for his uncle, who was a doctor named Erasmus Arlington Pond. Arlie pitched a no-hitter against Yale University while in college, and was also active in college as a musician and on the football team. He was a teammate of Bert Abbey in college, and both were top pitchers. He finished medical school before he signed a pro baseball contract. Three years later, he was cut from the team at a time when the team needed to cut expenses.

He then joined the Army and was involved as a surgeon in the Spanish-American War. After the war he became quite prominent in the Philippines, where he founded a hospital for lepers. He went back into the military during World War I. Afterwards he engaged in the private practice of medicine and had other business ventures. He died in the Philippines in 1930.

Though born in Massachusetts, he grew up in Rutland, VT where his father worked for his uncle's surgical instruments store.

He is the only major leaguer to bear the name "Erasmus".

Through 2019, the two other big leaguers with the same last name are Ralph Pond and Simon Pond.

Notable Achievements[edit]

  • 200 Innings Pitched Seasons: 2 (1896 & 1897)

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