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Sachio Kinugasa[edit]

Support Many Americans are familiar with him only for his record streak (if that), not his accomplishments on the field or his difficult life off it. - --Mischa (talk) 12:14, 15 January 2014 (EST)

Support Very informative. You should add the date of his final NPB game in his vital statistics, update the leaderboards (they're now until the end of 2011; it should be moved to 2013); and there should be a mention of when Cal Ripken broke his record. --Philippe (talk) 12:38, 15 January 2014 (EST)

Unfortunately, I don't have a source for career NPB leaders through 2013; Michael Eng's site is my best source for the career leaderboard and it only goes to 2011. I did the changes as requested. - --Mischa (talk) 12:48, 15 January 2014 (EST)

Support He seems a worthy subject for a Featured Article, and the article itself is well-written and covers the subject in depth. Other than the problem of updating past 2011, it's fine. Couillaud (talk) 15:07, 16 January 2014 (EST)