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Team History[edit]

The Charlotte Knights, of the International League and briefly in Triple-A East, returned professional baseball to uptown Charlotte, NC, from a South Carolina suburb in 2014. The Chicago White Sox farmhands play their home games at Truist Field in Charlotte, NC.

The club joined the ChiSox' farm system in 1999 as they implemented their "Southeast strategy" by locating all of their farm clubs in the Carolinas or Alabama.

Historically, Charlotte baseball teams played as Hornets - because, during the American Revolution, British General Cornwallis called the city "a veritable hornet's nest of rebellion" - until the 1976 Southern League club took its parent Orioles brand. In that vacuum, George Shinn's 1985 NBA expansion team nabbed Hornets. In 1988, Shinn bought the O's and redubbed them Knights.

After losing its ballpark to arson, the team played in two temporary stadiums until Shinn got a deal to build a permanent one, Knights Stadium, just across the South Carolina line in Fort Mill. The Gastonia Rangers could have blocked that - so Shinn bought them, then sold them after completing the move.

The 1993 Triple-A expansion team drew a then-market record 429,132 - but never matched that as attendance sank into the IL cellar.

The Knights play Copa de la Diversión Hispanic engagement campaign games as Caballeros de Charlotte (Caballeros translates as Cavaliers or Gentlemen, according to the team playing on "Knights" as "gentlemanly horsemen").

Knights logo 1999-2013

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1988 69-75 7th Greg Biagini Mike Pazik
1989 70-73 6th Jim Essian Grant Jackson
1990 65-79 9th Tommy Helms (50-65) / Jay Loviglio (15-14) Rick Kranitz
1991 74-70 5th Jay Loviglio Rick Kranitz
1992 70-73 5th Marv Foley Lost in 1st round Bill Earley
1993 86-55 1st Charlie Manuel League Champs Luis Isaac Dyar Miller
1994 77-65 3rd Brian Graham Lost in 1st round Donell Nixon Dyar Miller
1995 59-81 9th Sal Rende Adrian Garrett Mike Parrott
1996 62-79 8th (t) Sal Rende Adrian Garrett Mike Parrott
1997 76-65 4th Carlos Tosca Lost in 1st round Adrian Garrett Rick Williams
1998 70-73 8th Fredi Gonzalez Adrian Garrett Randy Hennis
1999 82-62 3rd Tom Spencer League Champs Gary Ward Kirk Champion
2000 78-65 6th Nick Leyva Gary Ward Kirk Champion
2001 67-77 10th Nick Leyva Gary Ward / Ryan Long Kirk Champion
2002 55-88 13th Nick Capra Greg Walker Kirk Champion/Curt Hasler
2003 74-70 6th Nick Capra Greg Walker/Gregg Ritchie Curt Hasler
2004 68-74 9th Nick Capra Gregg Ritchie Curt Hasler
2005 57-87 13th Nick Leyva / Manny Trillo Manny Trillo Juan Nieves
2006 79-62 2nd Razor Shines Lost in 1st round Tack Wilson Juan Nieves
2007 63-80 13th Marc Bombard Tack Wilson Juan Nieves
2008 63-78 12th (t) Marc Bombard Joe McEwing Richard Dotson
2009 67-76 11th Chris Chambliss Gary Ward Richard Dotson
2010 67-77 10th (t) Chris Chambliss Gary Ward Richard Dotson
2011 69-74 9th Joe McEwing Tim Laker Richard Dotson
2012 83-61 3rd Joel Skinner Lost League Finals Andy Tomberlin Richard Dotson
2013 65-78 12th Joel Skinner Brandon Moore Richard Dotson
2014 63-81 14th Joel Skinner Andy Tomberlin Richard Dotson Ryan Newman
2015 74-70 7th(t) Joel Skinner Andy Tomberlin Richard Dotson Ryan Newman
2016 65-79 11th Julio Vinas Andy Tomberlin Richard Dotson Tim Esmay
2017 61-81 12th Mark Grudzielanek Andy Tomberlin Steve McCatty Garey Ingram
2018 64-75 10th Mark Grudzielanek Andy Tomberlin Steve McCatty Garey Ingram
2019 75-64 4th Mark Grudzielanek Frank Menechino Steve McCatty Guillermo Quiroz
2020 Season cancelled
2021 45-75 20th Wes Helms 2-6 Chris Johnson Matt Zaleski Daniel Gonzalez
2022 Wes Helms Chris Johnson Matt Zaleski

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