G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium

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G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium
G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium
Location Woodbridge, Virginia United States
38.684184; -77.351902
Building chronology
Built 1984
Potomac Nationals

G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, VA, was the home of Prince William County affiliated baseball from 1984 through 2019. After that and the Coronavirus pandemic-canceled 2020 season, the already on-the-way Potomac Nationals of the Carolina League completed their move into a new ballpark in Fredericksburg, VA, as the Fredericksburg Nationals.

Opened in 1984 as Davis Ford Park, it landed the Alexandria Dukes. Soon renamed Prince William County Stadium, it in 1994 took the name of County Supervisor G. Richard Pfitzner, who landed the franchise. Woodbridge was the smallest community with an affiliated team, so the club had used Prince William County as its locale name until going regional in 1999. Only waivers kept the substandard playpen open after 2012, and - after six years' unfulfilled work toward a new one - the team signed to move to Fredericksburg. Except for Cannons from 1989 through 2005, the team used its parents' nicknames.

"The Pfitz" harkened back to another era, when minor league teams were run on a shoestring budget and their ballparks were simply a place to hold games with a small crowd present, with few other amenities. Thus the P-Nats began needing waivers and trying to wheedle a new ballpark, and the team would likely have been eliminated in the 2020 reorg if it had not already been on the way to a more modern facility.

In May 2018, Northwest Federal Credit Union bought prepended naming rights - even though the P-Nats were by then clearly on the way out. The complete new moniker was Northwest Federal Credit Union at Pfitzner Stadium, but that does not appear to have survived the Nats' departure; Prince William County's web page for the "Pfitzner Stadium Complex" does not mention NFCU, nor does the credit union's website mention Pfitzner.

The Pfitz has a capacity of 6,000 people.