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After the 1988 AZL Red Sox/Mariners debacle, the Boston Red Sox shifted their complex league affiliate to Florida. The Gulf Coast Red Sox, also known as the GCL Red Sox, are a rookie-level affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. The team plays in the South division of the Gulf Coast League. The Red Sox play at Boston Red Sox Player Development Complex in Fort Myers, FL.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach Coach
1989 27-36 10th (t) Felix Maldonado
1990 34-29 5th Felix Maldonado
1991 33-27 2nd Felix Maldonado Lost in 1st round
1992 18-41 15th Frank White
1993 32-28 6th (t) Felix Maldonado
1994 40-20 3rd Felix Maldonado
1995 21-36 13th Felix Maldonado
1996 24-36 14th Bob Geren
1997 31-28 5th (t) Luis Aguayo Gomer Hodge
1998 27-33 10th Luis Aguayo Gomer Hodge
1999 30-29 7th John Sanders
2000 29-26 7th John Sanders Gomer Hodge
2001 37-22 2nd John Sanders Lost in 1st round
2002 26-34 11th John Sanders
2003 33-26 3rd Ralph Treuel Lost in 1st round
2004 34-24 4th Ralph Treuel Lost League Finals
2005 30-24 3rd Ralph Treuel Lost in 1st round
2006 35-19 1st Dave Tomlin League Champs
2007 30-26 7th Dave Tomlin
2008 28-27 8th Dave Tomlin
2009 26-27 10th Dave Tomlin
2010 31-28 5th (t) Dave Tomlin
2011 27-33 11th George Lombard Dave Tomlin
2012 34-26 4th George Lombard Lost League Finals Dave Tomlin
2013 35-25 3rd Darren Fenster Lost League Finals Tom Kotchman Dick Such Dave Tomlin
2014 36-24 4th Tom Kotchman League Champs Raul Gonzalez Dick Such Dave Tomlin
2015 41-17 1st Tom Kotchman League Champs Junior Zamora Dick Such & Goose Gregson Dave Tomlin
2016 33-28 5th Tom Kotchman Lost in 1st round Junior Zamora Dick Such Dave Tomlin
2017 27-31 14th Tom Kotchman Junior Zamora Dick Such Angel Berroa & Nick Green
2018 33-22 3rd Tom Kotchman Lost in 1st round Junior Zamora Dick Such Angel Berroa, Mickey Jiang
2019 27-25 9th Tom Kotchman Junior Zamora Miguel Bonilla Angel Berroa, Dick Such, Mickey Jiang
2020 Season cancelled

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