Game-winning run batted in

From BR Bullpen

The Game-winning run batted in, also known as the game-winning RBI and abbreviated GWRBI, was an official baseball statistic from 1980 to 1988. The GWRBI was awarded to the player credited with an RBI on the difference-making run in a game; this is the run which gives a team the lead in a game which it never relinquishes afterwards.

The idea behind the statistic was to recognize players who were good clutch hitters and who would perform particularly well when the game was on the line. In effect, however, the statistic demonstrated that the GWRBI was quite random, and that there were no players who were singularly adept at driving in the particular - and rather arbitrary - run singled out by the statistic. The GWRBI was thus a unique feature of baseball in the 1980s and was quietly discontinued at the end of the decade, with Keith Hernandez and Eddie Murray as the leading compilers in each league.