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The Hawaii Islanders were originally a very strong amateur team. In 1961 when the Pacific Coast League expanded to Hawaii, the Kansas City Athletics' farm club took the nickname. The affiliation would change frequently over the years. A good deal of the turnover may be due to the inconvenience and travel expenses of having a farm club several time zones away. The most famous player to come from the Islanders was possibly Barry Bonds, who was with the club for a portion of the 1986 season. After the 1987 season, the club relocated and became the Colorado Springs Sky Sox

  • Harry Kalas was the team's original broadcaster, working for the club from 1961 through 1964.
  • Irv Noren managed the team in 1962-63, and had a $50 fine for any player who showed up too sunburned to play ball.
  • Bo Belinsky first pitched for Hawaii in 1963 after the Los Angeles Angels sent him down. The notorious playboy loved it there so much (especially the women) that he was depressed when the Angels recalled him later that year. Bo managed to wangle assignments to Hawaii in 1968 and 1969, even though the Islanders were not affiliated with the organizations he was in at the time. Al Michaels, then a broadcaster for the Islanders, called Belinsky's second professional no-hitter on August 20, 1968.
  • Due to being 2500 miles from their nearest opponent, the PCL had a unique schedule for the Islanders. Initially, teams made one four and one seven game visit to the Islands with the Islanders doing the same. Later, as the league expanded, the Islanders played 8 game series against each team in order to cut down on travel costs.

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Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1961 68-86 6th Tommy Heath (19-30) / Bill Werle (8-2) / Tommy Heath (38-46) / Bill Werle (3-8) none
1962 77-76 5th Irv Noren none
1963 81-77 4th Irv Noren
1964 60-98 10th Bob Lemon
1965 75-72 6th (t) George Case
1966 63-84 10th George Case
1967 60-87 12th Wayne Terwilliger
1968 78-69 3rd Bill Adair
1969 74-72 4th Chuck Tanner
1970 98-48 1st Chuck Tanner Lost League Finals
1971 73-73 4th (t) Bill Adair
1972 74-74 5th Rocky Bridges
1973 70-74 5th Rocky Bridges (13-19) / Warren Hacker (2-3) / Roy Hartsfield (55-52)
1974 67-77 6th Roy Hartsfield
1975 88-56 1st Roy Hartsfield League Champs
1976 77-68 2nd Roy Hartsfield League Champs
1977 79-67 2nd Dick Phillips
1978 56-82 8th Dick Phillips
1979 72-76 8th Dick Phillips
1980 76-65 5th Doug Rader Lost League Finals
1981 72-65 3rd (t) Doug Rader Lost in 1st round
1982 73-71 5th Doug Rader
1983 72-71 5th Tom Trebelhorn
1984 87-53 1st Tommy Sandt Lost League Finals
1985 84-59 1st Tommy Sandt Lost in 1st round
1986 65-79 9th Tommy Sandt
1987 65-75 9th Bob Bailey