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  • Capital: Indianapolis
  • Largest City: Indianapolis
  • Area: 36,418 sq mi
  • Rank: 38
  • Population (2010): 6,483,802
  • Rank: 15
  • Admission to Union: December 11, 1816
  • Time Zone: Central/Eastern

Indiana is a state in the midwestern United States, bordering on Lake Michigan, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois. Its capital and principal city is Indianapolis, IN, located near the state's geographical center. Its economy is mainly centered on agriculture and light manufacturing, although there is also heavy industry in its northern belt, where eastern suburbs of Chicago, IL are located.

Indianapolis hosted major league baseball in the 19th Century and in the short-lived Federal League, but has largely been a member of various AAA leagues since the start of the 20th Century. It also hosted Negro League clubs. Fort Wayne, IN also briefly hosted major league baseball in the days of the National Association. AAA baseball has also been present in Evansville, IN, at the state's southern extremity, but minor league baseball is mainly played today in the Midwest League and the independent Pioneer League. Various now defunct leagues were also centered around Indiana, including the Indiana State League, Northern State of Indiana League, Indiana-Michigan League and Indiana-Ohio League. It was also one of the namesake states of the Three-I League, which can be considered the ancestor of today's Midwest League.

Indiana has a long tradition of producing major league players and the state has its own Baseball Hall of Fame to celebrate this rich tradition. Collegiate baseball is also present, with a number of universities large and small dispersed throughout the state, and the MidWest Prospect Baseball League also present in various locations. Major universities include the University of Notre Dame, the University of Indiana, Indiana State University and Purdue University, among others.

Baseball Hall of Famers born in Indiana[edit]

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