Lancaster Lanks

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On June 18, 1912, the Lancaster Lanks moved to Atlantic City, NJ to represent Atlantic City in the Tri-State League. As the Lancaster Lanks that season, they went 15-19.

Their manager in 1905 was Lefty Killen. In 1906, they were managed by Charles Elston and William Gray. In 1907, they were managed by James Breen and Elston. George Fox managed them in 1908 and 1909, and in 1910 they were managed by Al McClintock and Heinie Peitz. The 1911 managers were Charles Riehl replaced by Gus Epler. John Castle managed them in 1912.

The pitching staff of the 1908 team threw six no-hitters, lead by Walt Justis with four. Homer Mock and Kirby White pitched the others.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1905 36-37 NA Lefty Killen
1906 73-66 3rd Fred Gray (?)/Curt Elston
1907 72-62 4th James Breen/Curt Elston/Frank Locke
1908 92-57 1st George Fox
1909 53-53 NA George Fox Team disbanded August 23
1910 55-82 5th Al McClintock/Guy Sample/Heinie Peitz
1911 53-84 7th Charles Riehl/Gus Epler/Al Weddige
1912 15-19 4th John Castle Team moved to Atlantic City June 18