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The Little World Series was started only one year after the World Series, in 1904. Played sporadically over the next three decades, the title of the match-up was changed to the Junior World Series in 1932. The Little World Series featured the top teams in the American Association and the International League, arguably the top two minor league circuits of the time.

Little World Series Results[edit]

Year Winner (League) Results Loser (League)
1904 Buffalo Bisons (IL) 2-1 St. Paul Saints (AA)
1906 Buffalo Bisons (IL) 3-2-1 Columbus Senators (AA)
1907 Toronto Maple Leafs (IL) 4-1 Columbus Senators (AA)
1917 Indianapolis Indians (AA) 4-1 Toronto Maple Leafs (IL)
1920 Baltimore Orioles (IL) 5-1 St. Paul Saints (AA)
1921 Louisville Colonels (AA) 5-3 Baltimore Orioles (IL)
1922 Baltimore Orioles (IL) 5-2 St. Paul Saints (AA)
1923 Kansas City Blues (AA) 5-4 Baltimore Orioles (IL)
1924 St. Paul Saints (AA) 5-4-1 Baltimore Orioles (IL)
1925 Baltimore Orioles (IL) 5-3 Louisville Colonels (AA)
1926 Toronto Maple Leafs (IL) 5-0 Louisville Colonels (AA)
1927 Toledo Mud Hens (AA) 5-1 Buffalo Bisons (IL)
1928 Indianapolis Indians (AA) 5-1-1 Rochester Red Wings (IL)
1929 Kansas City Blues (AA) 5-4 Rochester Red Wings (IL)
1930 Rochester Red Wings (IL) 5-3 Louisville Colonels (AA)
1931 Rochester Red Wings (IL) 5-3 St. Paul Saints (AA)


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Further Reading[edit]

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