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The Beginning[edit]

A look at the Mets' first uniforms show influence from a number of fellow New York baseball clubs. The font and style of script on the chest from the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the interlocking "NY" is directly from the New York Giants. According to the Mets' website, the Mets' colors are Dodger blue and Giant orange, symbolic of the return of National League baseball to New York after the Dodgers and Giants moved to California. The orange and blue are also the official colors of the city of New York.


1962 The year the Mets started, they wore pinstriped uniforms with the Mets script across the chest slightly higher and thinner than it is today. The script is in royal blue and outlined in orange. The away uniform was gray with "New York" printed across the chest (again, in royal blue and outlined in orange) and blue trimming, much like today's. These uniforms did not sport names on the back.

1974 In this year, the Mets dumped the "New York" away uniform in favor of a plain gray jersey with blue trimming and standard Mets script.

1978 For this year, a pullover style jersey is used- albeit in the form of a crew-neck collar with two buttons at the neck. The collar and sleeve trim is blue-orange-blue. The following season, names are added to the backs of both jerseys.

1982 The Mets adopted the orange-blue-orange shoulder and side triple-stripes. They also adopted their royal blue alternate jersey with white "Mets" lettering outlined in orange. In addition, the Mets skyline patch on the left sleeve is removed.

1983 The home uniform undergoes the same treatment as the road uniforms, but with blue collar trim.

1987 For this year only, the Mets adopted what would be considered one of their best uniforms ever. The away jersey for this year is the same as the 1982 uniform except that it features the words "New York" in blue script outlined by orange. A year later, the Mets opted for plain "New York" lettering in navy blue outlined in orange, accented by another outline, this one in white. The font is not unlike the Yankees uniforms.

1991 The only change to the uniforms is the jerseys go from pullover style to full-button.

1993 The Mets dropped the triple stripe on their home uniform. Also this year, the Mets added an underline flair to both the "Mets" and "New York" lettering. As one last note, the blue in the chest lettering seems to have gotten much darker this year.

1995 The Mets dropped the underline flair and reintroduced their standard gray away jerseys.

1997 The Mets adopt their snow-white uniforms. Also, a White cap with blue brim is used as an alternate with the "snow white" jerseys for this year only.

1998 Black alternate jerseys are adopted, along with a Black cap with blue brim. Also, a drop shadow is added to the lettering and numbers on the alternate black, snow-white, and away jerseys. The home pinstriped jerseys retain the standard script "Mets", albeit outlined in white.

1999 An all-black cap is introduced and worn with the black jerseys. The black/blue cap introduced the previous year is worn with the white and gray jerseys. A new away alternate jersey, is introduced: black with blue trim, with "New York" on the front in blue with a white outline and orange drop shadow (the black alternates introduced the prior year said "Mets" on the front and were used both at home and on the road). The pinstriped jerseys drop the white outline and also adopt a drops shadow on the "Mets" script. Mets remove player names from back of home snow white, pinstripe, and home black alternate jerseys.

Today's Uniforms[edit]

Today the Mets wear a total of five different uniforms, as well as a distinctive batting practice style jersey.

Home The Mets' standard home jersey is white pinstriped with blue and "Mets" script across the chest in blue outlined by orange. The pinstripes continue down the pants.

Away The Mets' standard away jersey is gray with "New York" printing across the chest in blue outlined by orange, and has blue trimming around the collar and down the front of the shirt, as well as on the ends of the sleeves. The pants have a single stripe down the side of the legs.

Home Alternate #1 The Mets' first alternate home jersey is plain white with blue trimming around the collar and down the front of the shirt, as well as on the end of the sleeves. The "Mets" script is present along the chest, in blue outlined by orange. The pants are plain white as well, with a blue stripe down the side of the legs (?). Referred to as the "snow-white" uniform.

Home Alternate #2 The Mets' second alternate home jersey is black with blue trimming around the collar and down the front of the shirt, as well as the ends of the sleeves. The "Mets" script is across the chest, in blue outlined by white and orange. The pants are those used in the Home Alternate #1. The Mets seem to be phasing this uniform out, using it less and less.

Away Alternate The Mets' alternate away jersey is black with "New York" script in blue outlined by orange and white, and has blue trimming around the collar and down the front of the shirt, as well as the ends of the sleeves. The pants are the same as in the standard away jersey. The Mets seem to be phasing out this uniform as well.

Batting Practice The Mets' batting practice jerseys are their most distinctive uniform. The shirt is royal blue with black shoulders, the two colors being separated by a line of orange trim. The omnipresent "Mets" script across the chest is black outlined by white and orange. The pants are the pinstriped ones seen on the Mets' standard home jerseys. The caps for this uniform are of note because they are "backwards". The Mets' standard caps are black with a blue brim, but the ones on this uniform are blue with a black brim.


The Mets have worn one-shot uniforms on several occasions, including Heritage Days and in memoriam of players passed on, as well as for the heck of it.

1994 In this year, the Mets (as well as all other MLB teams) wore special patches on the sleeves of their uniforms. They wore the "125th Anniversary" patches on the right sleeve of their uniforms. The Mets in particular also wore a "25th Anniversary Miracle Mets" patch on their left sleeve.

1997 During this year (and possibly for some years after this, the Mets "snow-white" uniform was accompanied by a white cap with blue brim.

1999 For one unmemorable promotional night, the Mets reversed the turn-back-the-clock trend and became the futuristic "Mercury Mets". For one home game the Mets wore black jerseys with a symbol on it rather than "Mets". This promotion was not revived in subsequent years.

1999 Also for this year, the Mets removed the names from the back of their home uniforms to try and give the uniforms an "old school" look.

2001 For Opening Day, the Mets wore patches on their sleeves for one game to honor Tommy Agee and Brian Cole, both of whom had passed away in the offseason. Also in this year, after 9/11, the Mets wore hats from the several different New York public services who lost men in the tragedy, including the NYPD, FDNY and Port Authority Police. Mike Piazza wore an NYPD decal on his catcher's helmet.

2002 For their fortieth anniversary, the Mets wore patches on the sleeves of their uniforms.

2004 The Mets wore a sleeve patch honoring the 40th anniversary of Shea Stadium.

Errors On June 27th, 2004, Tom Wilson and Jose Parra wore the incorrect uniform at the second game of a day-night doubleheader at Yankee Stadium. They wore black "Mets" jersey instead of the black "New York" jersey worn by the rest of the team.

New York Cubans For Heritage Day, the Mets honor the Negro League New York Cubans by wearing an old-school styled uniform identical to that the Cubans wore. It is gray with "New York" printed across the chest in orange outlined in black, with "Cubans" down the sleeve.

2006 mets wore 1986 uniforms for 20 year world series win anniversery

2009 The mets wore new york giants uniforms while playing the san fransisco giants.