Pittsfield Mets

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When the Pittsfield Cubs left the Eastern League (1985-1988), the Little Falls Mets of the New York-Penn League moved in, becoming the Pittsfield Mets. They were active for 12 seasons, after which they switched affiliations and became the Pittsfield Astros.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach
1989 53-23 1st Tim Blackwell Lost League Finals
1990 43-34 4th (t) Jim Eschen Billy Gardner Jr. Randy Niemann
1991 51-26 1st Jim Thrift Lost League Finals Billy Gardner Jr. Jerry Koosman
1992 37-37 6th (t) Jim Thrift Howie Freiling Jeff Morris
1993 40-35 5th Howard Freiling Lost League Finals Jeff Edwards
1994 37-38 8th Howard Freiling Dave LaRoche
1995 34-42 12th Ron Gideon Stan Jefferson Buzz Capra
1996 46-29 2nd Doug Davis Lost in 1st round Juan Lopez Buzz Capra
1997 42-32 4th Doug Davis League Champs Tony Tijerina Bob Stanley
1998 35-41 9th (t) Roger LaFrancois Tony Tijerina Doug Simons
1999 41-35 6th Tony Tijerina Ken Berry Doug Simons
2000 38-37 7th Tony Tijerina Ken Berry Bob Stanley