Quadruple play

From BR Bullpen

The term quadruple play refers to a play that could theoretically happen. One source says that writer Tom Boswell has described a Cuban game where it came close to happening.

The play occurs if the bases are loaded with no outs, and a fly ball is hit to the outfield which looks like it will fall in. The baserunners all take off from their bases under full steam, but at the last moment an outfielder makes an unlikely catch for out # 1. He then throws the ball to second base to catch the runner off base for out # 2, and the ball is then thrown to first base to catch another runner off base for out # 3. That would end the inning but for the runner from third base who scored without tagging up. The rules of baseball allow for a "fourth out" in such a circumstance to prevent the run from scoring - the fourth out supersedes the third out. Such a play would be a quadruple play.

The world of marketing has appropriated the term "quadruple play" to depict a supposed product success that has four desirable features, and their assumption is that a quadruple play is impossible except for their product. However, a quadruple play might someday happen in the world of baseball.