Richmond Climbers

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In 1915 the Baltimore Orioles moved to Richmond, VA and became the Richmond Climbers due to pressure from the Federal League's Baltimore Terrapins. The International League team went 59-81 under manager Jack Dunn, finishing 7th in the 8-team loop. Outfielder Johnny Bates (.296/~.424/.429, 32 SB) led the league with 106 walks and hit 6 of the team's 16 homers. Allan Russell (21-15) led the league in walks (164) and strikeouts (239) while Bill Morrisette (16-26) lost the most games.

The team moved back to Baltimore in 1916 but was replaced by another team called...the Richmond Climbers. Under William Smith they went 64-75, sixth in the IL. The top hitters were outfielders Bill Bankston (.325/~.386/.427, the league leader with 166 hits) and Tim Hendryx (.321/~.423/.436) while the top moundsmen were Samuel Ross (15-13, 2.85) and Albert Leake (9-12, 2.62).

In 1917 the club was renamed the Richmond Virginians.

Source: "The International League: Year-by-Year Statistics" by Marshall Wright

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1915 59-81 7th Jack Dunn none
1916 64-75 6th William A. Smith none