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The Baseball Biography Project is an ongoing effort to produce comprehensive biographical articles on every person who ever played or managed in the major leagues, as well as other persons who touched baseball in a significant way. The project is run by the Bio Project Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). The biographies are written by volunteer members of SABR; many of these members also happen to be the foremost expert on their subjects, given the composition of SABR's membership, but others are the work of fans who have undertaken the necessary research on their own. The project also includes a section on ballparks, as well as a separate project about significant games, in addition to a few miscellaneous articles about other baseball topics.

The BioProject website is the home for those articles and is updated as they are completed and/or revised, reviewed and approved. A number of articles have been written but are not yet available online as they are part of books about specific teams or topics. The plan however is to make these public as well in due course; those articles are listed on the site, but instead of a biography, information about the book in which they appear is given. Many attempts have been previously made to collect baseball biographies, but none has had both such a large scope and such rigid quality guidelines.

SABR has been the gold standard for baseball research since 1971, and has produced many fine biographical essays. Now, for the first time, SABR's biographies are collected and maintained in one easy-to-use archive. A number of these biographies have also been published in thematic books covering a particular team (e.g. the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies), an era in a team's history (e.g. the Boston Red Sox in the 1950s), or a geographic area (e.g. players born in Vermont). Some of these biographies are not immediately available online as a result, but SABR's objective is to make them readily available at some point after the original book's publication.

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