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Team History[edit]

The San Jose Giants, of the California League and briefly in Low-A West, play out of a city whose image and baseball landscape have both drastically changed. The San Francisco Giants farmhands play their home games at Excite Ballpark.

San Jose, CA, gained and lost a Pacific Coast League franchise in the mid-1970s, yet the Oakland Athletics spent 2011 through 2016 trying to move there. Now a major city in its own right, it remains in the protected territory of the Giants - who vetoed the move and then won the resulting legal fight with the A's. (Most two-team MLB markets have joint protection zones, but not the Bay area.)

The SJ-Giants, who were mostly owned by their parent club, are among the teams Endeavor Group Holdings acquired in late 2021 and put under its newly created Diamond Baseball Holdings subsidiary.[1] Endeavor also owns Ultimate Fighting Championship and Miss Universe.

MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization lowered the SJ-Giants, and most of the Cali League, one level.

The Giants play Copa de la Diversión Hispanic engagement campaign games Churros de San José (San Jose Fritters).

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1988 91-52 2nd Duane Espy Lost in 1st round Sam Hirose Todd Oakes
1989 81-61 4th Duane Espy Lost in 1st round Dave Hilton Todd Oakes
1990 74-68 5th Tom Spencer Lost in 1st round Dick Dietz Jeff Morris
1991 92-44 1st Ron Wotus Lost in 1st round Dick Dietz Gary Lucas
1992 78-58 3rd Ron Wotus Rick Miller Frank Reberger
1993 79-57 2nd (t) Dick Dietz Jim Davenport Todd Oakes
1994 74-62 3rd Dick Dietz Lost in 1st round Jim Davenport Todd Oakes
1995 77-63 4th Carlos Lezcano Lost League Finals
1996 89-51 1st Carlos Lezcano Lost League Finals Sonny Jackson Dave Schuler
1997 60-80 10th Frank Cacciatore Keith Comstock
1998 83-57 1st Shane Turner League Champs Bryan Hickerson
1999 75-65 4th (t) Lenn Sakata Lost League Finals Shin Inoue Shawn Barton
2000 53-87 9th Keith Comstock Bert Bradley
2001 77-63 2nd Lenn Sakata League Co-Champs * Benji Simonton Steve Renko
2002 68-72 7th Bill Hayes Jerry Cram
2003 58-82 9th Jack Lind F.P. Santangelo Jerry Cram
2004 74-66 4th Lenn Sakata Lost in 2nd round Trevor Wilson
2005 85-55 1st Lenn Sakata League Champs Gary Davenport Trevor Wilson
2006 82-58 1st Lenn Sakata Lost in 2nd round Garrett Nago Jim Bennett
2007 73-67 5th Lenn Sakata League Champs Garrett Nago Jim Bennett
2008 85-55 1st Steve Decker Lost in 2nd round Gary Davenport Pat Rice
2009 93-47 1st Andy Skeels League Champs Gary Davenport Jerry Cram
2010 76-64 3rd Brian Harper League Champs Gary Davenport Jerry Cram
2011 90-50 1st Andy Skeels Lost in 2nd round Gary Davenport Brian Cooper
2012 75-65 2nd Andy Skeels Lost in 1st round Gary Davenport Steve Kline
2013 83-57 1st Andy Skeels Lost League Finals Lipso Nava Mike Couchee
2014 73-67 6th Lenn Sakata Lipso Nava Mike Couchee
2015 72-68 6th Russ Morman Lost League Finals Lipso Nava Mike Couchee
2016 68-72 7th Lipso Nava Todd Linden Mike Couchee Ydwin Villegas
2017 62-78 8th Nestor Rojas Todd Linden Mike Couchee
2018 59-81 8th Lipso Nava Willie Romero Matt Yourkin Gary Davenport CJ Picerni
2019 66-73 5th Bill Hayes (39-53) / Gary Davenport (2-1) / Hector Borg (25-19) Lost in 1st round Thomas Neal Matt Yourkin Gary Davenport Ydwin Villegas
2020 Season cancelled
2021 76-44 2nd Lenn Sakata League Champs Daniel Santin Paul Oseguera Eliezer Zambrano
2022 Lipso Nava Travis Ishikawa Dan Runzler Jeremiah Knackstedt

* Finals canceled with the Lake Elsinore Storm and San Jose declared co-champions.

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