Stade Municipal de Québec

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Stade Municipal
Location Quebec City, Québec Canada
Building chronology
Built 1938
Les Capitales de Québec

The Stade municipal de Québec, or Quebec City Municipal Stadium in English, is a ballpark located in Quebec, QC. It has been used by every professional team playing in the city since its opening.

The stadium was built in 1938 under Provincial Premier Maurice Duplessis, who was a baseball fan, using public funds allocated to build a number of ballparks throughout the province, under a Depression-era public works policy to create job for unemployed workers. These would later form ready locations for teams in the Can-Am League and Provincial League in the 1940s and 1950s. As a result, the plans for the stadium are identical to those of the stadium built simultaneously in Trois-Rivières, QC.

The first baseball game at the stadium was played on May 14, 1939, between the Quebec and Trois-Rivières teams of the outlaw Provincial League. The stadium was built with lights; the first night game was played there a few weeks later. The ballpark hosted a number of Quebec City-based teams over the following decades, both inside and outside of organized baseball, including the Quebec Athletics, Quebec Braves, Quebec Carnavals and Quebec Metros.

When the Metros left town after the 1977 season, the stadium began to fall into neglect. It barely escaped the wrecker's ball in the mid-1990s, until a local committee was formed to save what had become a historical landmark. The municipality invested some 2 million dollars in a renovation project. The refurbished ballpark became the home of the newly-formed Capitales de Québec, owned by famed minor league operator Miles Wolff, in 1999. The team played its first home game on June 4, 1999 and has used the stadium ever since.

The ballpark includes a number of historical displays inside its concourse, such as posters on the history of baseball in Quebec City, a tribute to Quebeckers who have played in the major leagues, and a small room which serves as the home of the Quebec Baseball Hall of Fame, complete with a wall holding plaques for all members. The room was dedicated in 2011; before that, the Hall only had a virtual existence.

A couple of major changes took place in 2017. First, the stadium received a corporate sponsor and became officially known as "Stade Canac" starting on January 1st. Second, the city decided to convert the field to artificial turf in order to facilitate maintenance and allow for more use by entities other than les Capitales. This was complemented by plans to build a temporary dome to cover the ballpark in the winter-time, in order to provide local players with a practice facility open year-round. The plan is to remove the dome during summers, and reinstall it in the fall.

Further Reading[edit]

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