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Michael Eng: After giving much thought to the discussion on the Top 20 All Time HR Leaders and Statistics Page and obtaining input from persons who watch the page, I believe it fits with what BR Bullpen is striving to do. However, your comments caused me to re-think the way the page is constructed and the way it is operated. I did some revising of the stats that are used to include your suggestions and still make it fit the page. Below you will see a draft of the changes. The only thing I don't like about what I have done is the updating necessary to keep it current. It is not much of a problem for me to keep it up to date, but I am not going to live forever. I like this page but I am not going to get in a dither if the group thinks it is not in the best interest of the Bullpen. I will look for your thoughts on the matter. Thanks,--Dugout 13:10, 25 June 2007 (EDT) DRAFT:

1 Hank Aaron 755 23 3298 12364 16.3 2174 3771 2297 1402 1383 .305 .374 .555
2 Barry Bonds* 745 22 2897 9606 12.9 2177 2871 1953 2469 1502 .299 .444 .609
3 Babe Ruth 714 22 2503 8398 11.7 2174 2873 2217 2062 1330 .342 .474 .690
4 Willie Mays 660 22 2992 10881 16.4 2062 3283 1903 1464 1526 .302 .384 .557
5 Sammy Sosa* 597 18 2277 8544 14.3 1439 2342 1607 906 2230 .274 .345 .537

Example - I will put on the image page, under sources: {{PD-User|[[User:Dugout]]}}. IS THIS CORRECT? --Dugout 18:16, 25 March 2007 (EDT)

When and where is this format for the image tag to be used. On the talk page or in the upload box? Please answer have, some to put in.--Dugout 17:47, 25 March 2007 (EDT)

Michael Eng: I have just finished tagging and and adding source info to all images I have uploaded. The images that I created have been sourced and tagged. The few that came from other sources have been checked, noted and tagged. There were seven images that did not come up. These seven were unimportant, possibly duplicates with the wrong file path.
1. 1952 1961 Southern Association.jpg
2. BOB head.jpg
3. Kansas State League.jpg (this one I do not think was mine)
4. Montana Baseball 2.jpg
5. Montana Baseball 3.jpg
6. Southern Association.jpg
7. UA League.jpg
I hope I have satisfied your request. I checked a couple of the other users way that they had tagged and sourced and went from there. The previous messages below hopefully can be disregarded. --Dugout 01:19, 21 February 2007 (EST)

Regarding image list put on the talk page: When I attempt to put data into the pages that have been provided for the image information, via the link provided, the headlines do not match the image name. I probably am doing something wrong but I have no idea what it is. I do not know how to change the headline name or make the body match. I am at an impassse. I have tried my best to do what I think you are after but I am stumped. I have worked almost ten hours on this and I do not think I have accomplished anything. There is no sense in me trying to do something when I really do not know what needs to be done. Please set me straight so that if there is a problem, it can be corrected.--Dugout 23:07, 19 February 2007 (EST)

Michael Eng; Below is the way that every image I have uploaded has been tagged and accounted for. All are located on the same page you posted your message about image tagging. Please advise--Dugout 16:49, 19 February 2007 (EST)

Image:Colonial League Baseball.jpg{{/Nowiki>PD-User|dugout|<nowiki>}}

Michael Eng; I have reviewed your request again and still cannot understand what it is you want done. I can do nothing to comply with your request until you give me some direction. The below paragraph explains what I have been doing as far as images are concerned. Please reply.--Dugout 11:45, 19 February 2007 (EST)

Michael Eng; I received your message about the images and do not understand what it is you want done. All the images that I have uploaded have been recorded on my talk page per your design and direction several months ago. You instructed me to label each image as user created not original and note this in the description box. This I have done. Any other images that have been uploaded, and there could only be a couple, have been noted when and where they came from and noted on that pages discussion page. I am totally in the dark as to what you want done. I was totally confident that I was uploading and documenting the images as per instructions. If you can show me what it is that needs to be done I will be more than glad to comply. To make it clear from my standpoint all the images I have uploaded have been created and made by me and I have released them, if wanted, into the public domain. Please enlighten me.--Dugout 23:53, 18 February 2007 (EST)

Michael Eng; I reviewed your samples in your "work page" and they are very helpful, but also very complicated, at least for me. I looked at the Wikipedia site and they have the "Wikify" look with a very simple lead in, (one line {|class="wikitable" )and you go from there. Whereas it takes us like so: Bullpen leadin on edit page.

Is that system different? Or am I missing something. Appreciate some feedback.--Dugout 13:40, 15 October 2006 (EDT)
MichaelEng Did you remove the "Dixie Series" page as I had it? If so, please replace as it was. Please reply --Dugout 16:18, 9 October 2006 (EDT)
MichaelEngWhat you want to do with the sandbox page sounds fine with me. I do not want to lose what I have on there as I have to have patterns to go by. I looked at your user page sample and I would have to copy it to be able to study the works to use it as it appears quite complex.--Dugout 22:34, 9 October 2006 (EDT)

Wikitable css[edit]

Hi, I saw your message asking how to create a wikitable. The way to do that is simple. Click here: (you'll have to ask an admin to unprotect this page or make them do this change). And copy the Wikipedia page: To make it the same. After that you can use wikitable and you can define other CSS classes in this page as well. Hope that helps.

MichaelEng: I read your comments. In Early August I requested your assistance on several items and you refused. Now, two months later, you come forth with what I term "useless" information that does nothing but create a bad understanding between two people. AS you refused to come to my aid two months ago, when I sorely needed it, I want no part of your advice at this point. Just leave me alone.--Dugout 13:31, 9 October 2006 (EDT)CC:S.Forman

Dugout, a few points: 1) Michael has not been by much in the past month. I don't think it's fair to expect immediate responses to questions from people whose time is limited by other constraints.

2) You have still been emailing him very regularly in the past couple weeks. I don't see how you can be offended for his not leaving you alone when you have continued to send him messages.

3) I thought the advice he gave was fairly plausible - label that the image is one you recreated from the original image so we know the source.

Please treat other posters here with respect. - --Mischa 14:31, 9 October 2006 (EDT)

MichaelEng: I replaced the SA logo with another of my creations. I think I tagged it the way you want. I want to impress you with the fact that if you do not want this or the other logo just delete it. I like this one better than the other, however if you want to put the last one back in, feel free.--Dugout 15:08, 5 October 2006 (EDT)

MichaelEng: What images are you wanting tagged and what logos are you speaking of? All images and logos that are on display on this site are as I have previously explained. If you will notice on my talk page I asked for all things that I had downloaded and were not being used to be deleted. This has not been carried out. The list that is on that page is what is being used on the pages I have put together on this site, the rest can be deleted. Also after reviewing your question about the logos being based on the originals, I can only tell you that the Muncie Reds Logo hung in the locker room all the years I was there, The Small Minor League Logo I have had since the late forties. I have never seen either a Pony League or Southern Association official Logo, after an extensive search, so the only thing I can tell you about them being based on originals, I am sure that the dates are correct but the art was done right here on my computer, basically to give these pages a bit of color, which they desperately need. Those may not be as professional looking as some might like, but they are colorful and should you not like what I have done with those, delete them--Dugout 14:46, 4 October 2006 (EDT)

MichaelEng: I was editing the Jim O'Toole name on the SA page, it came up someone else was editing at the same time from the other side now the entire 10 years of the page has dissappeared. I have no idea what happened, hopefully this can be found. The notice popped up that the page is reaching its limit. The SA page had just about the same amount of copy as the PONY league page, it reached the warning capacity also.--Dugout 22:57, 4 October 2006 (EDT)

MichaelEng: The page was under history, It has been replaced as was. I made an e-mail contact and received info on what to do. --Dugout 00:32, 5 October 2006 (EDT)

MichaelEng: I replaced the Pony logo I uploaded last night with a new and better (I think) re-do. The previous PONY logo can be deleted and this new one also if you think it is not apprapo. I think I noted the new upload properly and put it into the Public Domain. I designed and created the new logo on my coputer.--Dugout 17:47, 20 September 2006 (EDT)

MichaelEng: I created the PONY Logo on my computer. I am not proud of its quality. If you feel it is to poor to use here, please just delete it. The original logo had the same idea, basically, but had a player included with the pony. The original that I saw was in much to bad of shape and to small to try to save. --Dugout 20:52, 19 September 2006 (EDT)

MichaelEng: I combined the muncie reds page with the former 1951 reds page. I think I moved everything but the header. Could not get it to delete. I also renamed the PONY/Continued page to a new name, PONY League the decline 1952-56. Old Header would not delete there also.

Pony was to be one page but the message came up that the 32,000 was about gone and suggested another page, that I did in the best way I knew how. --Dugout 18:17, 18 September 2006 (EDT) IF YOU CARE TO E-MAIL ME INSTRUCTIONS OR MESSAGES that might work better--Dugout 18:39, 18 September 2006 (EDT)

Given your knowledge of Japanese baseball history, can you finish the "Teams that played here" listings for NPB teams? I didn't know the locations for Taiyo (pre-1978), the Marines and their predecessors (pre-1992), Nishitetsu (1950) and the defunct teams from the 30s-50s. - --Mischa 19:56, 4 Mar 2006 (EST)

I've done this for all post-1952 teams. Prior to the teams didn't have a specific "home city." MichaelEng 16:45, 5 Mar 2006 (EST)

NPB Team/Franchise Pages[edit]

Eventually will the different "team" pages will be combined into a single franchise page? For example, would Seibu Lions end up looking like this page with Nishitetsu, Taiheiyo Club, and Crown Lighter redirecting to this page? MichaelEng 16:45, 5 Mar 2006 (EST)

NPB team pages[edit]

For pre-1952 we know certain teams, if they used the same stadiums as post-1951 teams.

There are different pages for Softbank Hawks and Daiei Hawks or Kokutetsu Swallows, Sankei Atoms and Yakult Swallows. I was "merging" (via redirects) the ones where the team just added the location or company name to the team name (Hiroshima Carp/Hiroshima Toyo Carp) as this strikes me as being the same team. I'm not sure if this is really internally consistent but it's what is currently in place and what I was planning on continuing. - --Mischa 16:50, 5 Mar 2006 (EST)

I guess part of what I'm going by is what the team is called. People still call them the Hiroshima Carp or Nippon Ham Fighters, so there's no need to have new pages - whereas no one probably calls them the Yakult Atoms or Daiei Hawks anymore. - --Mischa 21:11, 5 Mar 2006 (EST)


How do I ban a user? MichaelEng 11:28, 12 Mar 2006 (EST)

You need to be an admin. I'll ask Sean about making you one. I've known you online for enough time to vouch for you. - --Mischa 11:58, 12 Mar 2006 (EST)

You are a Sysop[edit]

Thanks for all of the hard work.

Send an e-mail to and I'll invite you to our Bullpen e-mail list. Not much traffic.


Thanks Mischa, Sean.

Images of Baseball Cards[edit]

Would images of baseball cards, such as from here, be eligible for inclusion here (since the website does not own the copyright to the cards) or is possession of the cards needed? MichaelEng 00:44, 29 Mar 2006 (EST)

Read Trauty's discussion page - itlooks like its ok as long as you don't crop the picture out and use the whole card --Just me 01:16, 29 Mar 2006 (EST)

How do you get so many edits so quickly? --Just me 01:31, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

I open up the pages that I want to edit in tabs, copy & paste the information for each page from a spreadsheet, preview the pages, and then save them all at once. --MichaelEng 02:06, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

New main page[edit]

I like the new main page plans. - --Mischa 12:40, 19 May 2006 (EDT)

added cite.php and parserfunctions[edit]

I believe these are working, but please give me a heads up and if they are not working. The installation was a little dicey. There was a bug in one of the upgrade scripts, but I got it working...I think.

Got easytimeline installed[edit]

It appears to be working. I set up an example in the sandbox. Have at it and if you wanted to create a tutorial on how to use it. I wouldn't mind. ;-)

I'll try to get the spam blacklist set up tomorrow or Tuesday.

Also, thanks for updating the front page.

List processing[edit]

I am ready to tackle blasting categorization of Veterans lists (and other lists that I have). Could you please show me how to do this, answering the following questions in the process:

  • How do I handle disambiguation?
  • What about those already categorized?
  • What happens if someone is on my list that does not yet have a Bullpen page?
  • I promise to resist the temptation of processing my list of over 250,000 minor leaguers.

At some point, I will make a list of lists (I have hundreds) to see if any one is interested in making any of them categories. --Ron 07:17, 19 June 2006 (EDT)

sabr note[edit]


THanks for the note to sabr members. I have internet, so we'll see if we can get some new members. ;-)

sean--Admin 12:26, 29 June 2006 (EDT)


Michael, I really like the new date pages, but I see a few problems with them:

  1. I'm nervous about copyright. The info looks very much like something that you're copying wholesale from somewhere else; unless it's been released under an acceptable license that's a copyright problem.
  2. The data is sometimes duplicative, with two or more entries covering the same event.
  3. Wikifying it is a pain.

Overall, it seems to me that it might be best to try to limit the info dumps to really key events. That would minimize the pain of Wikifying and sorting out duplicates and also make it easier to paraphrase anything that has copyright problems. --Roger 13:17, 3 July 2006 (EDT)

I got the events for the date pages from wikipedia. They seem to have gotten their info from either the Baseball Library or Today in Baseball History, so for the ones that they did not have I copied the info from those sites. I should add that info somewhere. The Births and deaths were generated from the last baseball-databank release. According to User:Auricle99 we (BR Bullpen) have some sort of agreement with the Baseball Library and the Baseball Almanac (the parent company TDIBH) to use their content, see here. However, due to the recent blanking of Danny Lithwether (sp?), I to am concerned that that might have not been the best idea. I had originally planned on using a bot to go through the pages and do the wikifying, but I have been unable to get it to work. In hindsight, I should have streamlined the info, removing duplicates and modifying links, before adding it to here. --MichaelEng 00:44, 4 July 2006 (EDT)

As long as we have permission from the originating site, I think that we're OK. There should definitely be a template with the citations, though. It might be possible to link the citation template into the calendar template so that you don't have to manually add it to every date page. As far as the wikifying, I have three thoughts:

  1. We should try as much as possible to fix Wikipedia's links into Bullpen format. I don't like the idea of adding a redirect page so that we don't have to change the links in the material we copied from Wikipedia.
  2. A good job of wikifying is going to be slow. A bot may be able to help some, but ultimately a person is going to have to go through and figure out what we can link and where the links should go.
  3. We should probably agree to a set of guidelines about how to wikify the events. As an example, I've been linking mentions of teams to the seasonal page for that team, rather than the generic team page. IOW, for an entry discussing Gibson's HR off Eckersly, I'd link to the 1988 Dodgers and 1988 Athletics, rather than just the Dodgers and Athletics. Other people have been linking to the generic team page. There are reasons to prefer each way, but it's almost certainly better to pick a consistent approach rather than having it depend on who decided to wikify that day.

--Roger 01:15, 4 July 2006 (EDT)


MichaelEng this is dugout, please feel free to clean up the page as you see fit. Also anything that is already on file feel free to delete it. I am trying to get the midi sound of "take me out to the ball game" in the page but I am doing something wrong. I will try what you suggested and hope I get things right. I do not get upset about helpful criticism so feel free to suggest to me at any point. My main goal is that when I am finished I will leave this old time info in a manner that some folks can enjoy it. Most of these men are gone but they still have children and grand children that are always interested. Thanks again...DUGOUT 16 july 06 10:30

MichaelEng I tried your suggestion on the media file and could not get either a .mid or .ogg to upload. I must still be doing something wrong. Is this music idea not good? Dugout 16 july 06 11:30

Image Syntax and Uploading[edit]

OK. If you go to the Muncie Reds page and click edit, near the top of the page you will see something that looks like this:

[[Image:MuncieReds.jpg|frame|left|The 1949 Muncie Reds (from left to right):<br>Front Row: Sumwalt, Rozanno, Juliano, Stephenson, Scrgo, Adams, Holdren<br>Middle Row: Sasso, Ewen, Lamb, Kruer, Bycofski, Sinn, Ruehl, McMahon<br>Top Row: Settles (business manager), James, Miller, Ross, Fisher, Ralston, Dana, Stewart, Blazo (manager)]]

That is the image markup syntax, which tells the Wiki-Media what file to display, where, and how to display it. In this case there are 9 components (I have color coded them)

1. [[Image:

  • This tells the software to display an image
MontrealExpos 100.png

2. MuncieReds.jpg

  • This is the image to display. The file name must be exact including capitalization.

3. |

  • This is the first of three "pipes," which seperate parameters (commands).

4. frame

MontrealExpos 100.png
  • This is the first parameter. "frame" creates a grey border around the image and also has room for a caption. Compare the images to the right (the first has a frame while the second does not). Also note that the order of the parameters does not matter as long as they are seperated by a "pipe" (|).

5. |

  • This is the second of three "pipes."

6. left

  • This tells the software to align the image on the left of the screen. "right" (right-align) and "center" (center-align) may also be used.

7. |

  • This is the last of three "pipes."

8. The 1949 Muncie Reds (from left to right):<br>Front Row: Sumwalt, Rozanno, Juliano, Stephenson, Scrgo, Adams, Holdren<br>Middle Row: Sasso, Ewen, Lamb, Kruer, Bycofski, Sinn, Ruehl, McMahon<br>Top Row: Settles (business manager), James, Miller, Ross, Fisher, Ralston, Dana, Stewart, Blazo (manager)

  • This is the caption and image description. It will display as a caption were applicable (i.e. if using "frame") It will always be the image description, which will display when hovered over or if a browser is image-less. The <br> are line breaks.

9. ]]

  • This is ends the image syntax.

Also when uploading images the file name should be a bit more descriptive. So instead of using Up47 right.jpg you could use 1947 Muncie Packers.jpg by changing the "Destination filename:" on the upload page. Also a short description should be added to the page, most importantly who owns the copyright to the image (presumably you are the owner of the pictures).

Image Tags[edit]


As part of the BR Bullpen's proposed Image use policy the following images that you have uploaded should be tagged with appropriate image tags.


Image:Bill and Lavonne Lee.jpg - waiting for Auricle99
Image:RobertoClementeHead.jpg - trying to find source, I think it was a newspaper article

Your files uploaded

--MichaelEng 00:43, 22 July 2006 (EDT)

So what do I have to do?[edit]

Photos of autographs are neither copyrighted or anyhing else. Are these fair use? --Scott 11:48, 22 July 2006 (EDT)

According to here photographs of autographs are copyrighted. If you are not the creator of the image, they would be fair use images. --MichaelEng 09:17, 23 July 2006 (EDT)

Michael, I think that you made at least some mistakes in the image tagging project. After the discussion of image tagging, I had tagged all of my uploaded images (photographs that I personally took) with the GFDL tag. I just got a message saying that I needed to tag an image, and when I checked the GFDL tag was there. You might want to check whatever automated method you're using to test for image tagging. --Roger 14:27, 22 July 2006 (EDT)

Hmm. My best guess is that you tagged the image between July 7, when I downloaded the image descriptions, and July 22, when I added the messages, so I didn't have the image as tagged. --MichaelEng 09:17, 23 July 2006 (EDT)

Citing sources for CWS data[edit]


I received an e-mail from the operator of It appears to be a source for some of the material on the CWS. Would it be possible to add a link to his pages and to any other sources for the data. I know we are free to copy the data (as it is not copyrightable), but I think we should list our sources and link out as much as possible.--Admin 12:13, 30 July 2006 (EDT)

1912 Rookies along with Cy Williams[edit]

You don't think that it's worthwhile in a biog about Cy Williams to mention other prominent players who were also rookies the same year as him? Especially when Casey is one of them? I don't understand the thinking. - Randy 00:39 a.m. 31 July 2006 (EDT)

Well, what does Stengal's debut have to do Cy Williams? They were not even on the same team. Were they related to each other in some other way besides debuting in the National League in the same year? Should we mention Stengal's debut on all 1912 debuts? Should we mention other debutees; Rabbit Maranville, Del Pratt, Bobby Veach, Ray Schalk, Heinie Groh, Howie Shanks, etc. --MichaelEng 00:53, 31 July 2006 (EDT)

I agree, Michael. It really doesn't seem that important to me, especially when the information is already available elsewhere at B-R. - --Mischa 05:54, 31 July 2006 (EDT)

Ways to tackle the calendar[edit]

In the future, it would make sense for all new player pages to have the birthdate (and deathdate) placed on the calendar. I've been going through and adding these. The problem is this - I've finished April, but in the interim new pages were added for players born in April who now aren't listed on the births for those dates. Is there any way to run an automated system to make sure all Born lines are reflected in the calendar? - --Mischa 20:01, 7 August 2006 (EDT)

No, or at least not at this time. I can think of two solutions to this porblem, both using metadata. The first is to place all of the biographical information into a template to every person in the wiki. Thi is essentially what we are currently doing just without the template. Another would be to add metadata to the end of all biographical articles. See Wikipedia:PersonData for some examples. However in both cases it wouldn't be automated per se, but it would be more managable. --MichaelEng 22:02, 7 August 2006 (EDT)


MichaelEng This is dugout. Why is there a problem with where I placed the credit info, what the content was and the photo. I ran this by Sean by e-mail before I placed it and he gave me the go ahead with no problem. I am a bit confused when it is constantly moved with no explanation. There is no logical reason to waste my time and yours if he has changed his mind. Please clarify this. if Sean has changed his mind he has not notified me in any manner. From my POV it should go where I placed it, as is, however if he says otherwise that is what I will do. Please get back to me so that we can clear this matter out of the way. dugout Aug 07, 2006 11:22p.m. (EDT)

MichaelEng This is dugout. As you know I have a page in process on McCulloch Park. All pix turned up are totally unusable to show on the site. Ball State University, here in Muncie, has a great architectural college on campus. One of their summer grad students is doing an architectural sketch from the old photos that looks like it will be very acceptable when finished. I would like to run this by you when finished as to where it should be placed for the best and easiest way to locate. When I inform people, that call me about locating the McCulloch Park page, they seem to be unable to follow the "click on the BLUE McCulloch Park Name" to get to the page. Any Ideas? I want you to take a look at the finished product before I get to deep in left field. The rendering should be ready in about 10 days. dugout Aug 8, 2006 1:40p.m. (EDT)

Muncie Reds Image[edit]


Robert has sent me a scan of a release form signed by the artist, so I think it will be copacetic. Could you e-mail me and I can send you Robert's e-mail address, so you guys can iron some of this yourselves? --Admin 15:55, 25 August 2006 (EDT)

MichaelEng; I, dugout answered your message to me on the Muncie Reds talk page. dugout 1:30pm 28 Aug 2006 (EDT)

Dugout, first off, I didn't know about the deal that you had with Forman. (I don't like it because I feel it sets a bad precedent, i.e. why can't I add myself as a source for some of the pages that I have created, but its not my site). Still, would you be OK with a change in the wording of the source citation from:

Pictures, captions, history, most of the statistics and information for this page were furnished by Bob Stephenson who was employed by the Muncie Reds team, during those memorable years. to

Bob E. Stephenson (User:Dugout), a former employee of the team, has provided the images used on this page as well the team rosters and statistics of players of the team. The Bob E. Stephenson page would contain your Stephenson 2.jpg image. --MichaelEng 08:56, 24 August 2006 (EDT)

Dugout, what's the point of having "Click on McCulloch Park to visit that page" at the very bottom of the page. The link is already at the top of the page in the header and in the body of the article. There is a reasonable assumption that the user knows that clicking on a link will take them to a page on that subject. --MichaelEng 09:04, 28 August 2006 (EDT)

User:MichaelEng, With all due respect I am very satisfied with the way this page is laid out and looks. I do not want to change it. Sean ok`d the way I did the source info weeks ago. The click on McCulloch Park has made it easier for people to move from page to page without a lot of search. POV a large % of people do not know how to move around the site without easy direction. People are very complimentary with their comments about this page. Please, let`s just drop it and get on to the next order of business. ALSO, some two weeks ago I asked you for direction on the McCulloch Park page and image and I heard nothing about anything until after the fact. This cost me days of time and wasted energy re-doing what was already done. If we are going to work together then it is best we set up a better communications system and the things we are talking about, here, should not happen. I gave you my e-mail When you do not answer the questions that I leave for you, I have to assume I am not leaving them properly or you just do not have time to answer. User:DUGOUT 12:20pm Aug 2006 (EDT)

[[User: MichaelEng, I have material for the Ohio-Indiana page coming from baseball Guide, very shortly. I have been working on alignment of the final league standings in the sandbox and can`t get it to do as needed. I had planned to run the standings down the right side and the info and stats down the left, similar to the 1950 American league page. I can`t get it to work, will you give me some guidance? Thanks. User: dugout 9:35pm Aug 30 2006 (EDT)]]I am leaving it in the box for you to see.

[[User: MichaelEng, Sorry you refused my plea for help. I will not bother you again. As far as I am concerned "issues" do not exsist. On my behalf if you had answered my questions as to what are the Policy`s on some things your "issues" would have never happened. Good luck to you. dugout 9:50am Aug 4, 2006 (EST)


Hi Michael, I see here you wrote that you got both the Parserfunctions and Cite to work together. Right now many Mediawiki admins are struggling to get these two to work together. Any help would be much appreciated! Which MW version are you using? I admin a website where I'm using 1.6.8. We cant upgrade beyond that because we dont have PHP5 yet on our server but the problems exist in 1.7 as well. Thanks. --LarryW 21:30, 17 October 2006 (EDT)

Help Banning an IP[edit]

Any thoughts: Seems this User is here only to spam his/her site. Found the link on a bunch of places. They aren't even adding it, they are using their link in place of a competitors.Tecmobowl 01:04, 18 October 2006 (EDT)

Left a message for you[edit]

Hi Michael, I left a message for you here here. You could delete this after you see this. Thanks! --Matt57 19:35, 28 October 2006 (EDT)

new postseason tables feedback[edit]

I like all the info you're adding for each series, but I also liked being able to look at the year's postseason as a whole, as in my original postseason tables. Perhaps we can find a compromise, incorporating your ideas and mine. As it is one can only see NLDS, ALDS, ALCS, etc. year after year and not situated within the year in question. --Shawn 14:42, 6 January 2007 (EST)

Cuban Seasons[edit]

Great job with the Cuban seasons. I had thought that this data was unavailable, but every year there are new great finds for international sports stats. Do any of your sources contain complete stats (every player, every major category including fielding) for each year? If so, what is that source? I'd love to have it for my baseball collection. - --Mischa 19:07, 11 February 2007 (EST)

Good point re: the disambiguation attempts I made for some of the Cuban season pages. My concern was that the link was pointing to an existing and incorrect page and I wanted to alleviate this. As I did not know anything else about the players, I was seeking some way to redirect the link to a yet-not-existing page.

As for the Cuban stats, the URLs you provided don't seem to be working. Weird. - --Mischa 14:45, 12 February 2007 (EST)

Re: image tags All the images that I have uploaded and not tagged are pictures I have taken myself. Let me know how I need to tag those, and I will. -Chisoxfan 18:22, 18 February 2007 (EST)

Alexandria Dukes Logo and Cap images...[edit]


I uploaded pictures of the now defunct Alexandria Dukes minor league team and recieved an automatic message from you claiming it needs to have a tag or something? I explained in the editing page that the image was photoshopped from a photograph I took of my own pennant and ball caps. This entity is no longer in business and I would be unaware of any copyright infringement. If there is...then never mind. I was only trying to contribute to the information. Something I've never done in Wikipedia (or here) before. Thanks.

RonRhilton4u 23:41, 22 February 2007 (EST)

Cuban Stats[edit]

I would like the pdfs of the Cuban stats. It's great to grab things like that from online before the page vanishes. That's the problem with web-based sources. As for admin's e-mail address, try; that should work. Finally, re: NPB fielding stats, if you want to let me know what I sent you so far, I can see what else I have. I am almost done "translating" the 1979 stats but entering them online is a whole 'nother story. I have so many projects here I'm running behind with. - --Mischa 17:44, 25 March 2007 (EDT)

A spreadsheet's even better. Looking forward to them. - --Mischa 18:05, 25 March 2007 (EDT)

Thanks! - --Mischa 18:00, 30 April 2007 (EDT)


Using your Dong-yeol Sun as an example, I see how the infobox helps generate categories but some of the wording needs to be fixed so that the categories correlate with the existing ones. Also, the height/weight don't show up correctly and the birthplace isn't linked to though the page exists. I would like to see the language box in use and am wondering how I download the correct languages for my computer so that I can see the text in the correct alphabet. - --Mischa 21:01, 25 March 2007 (EDT)

Category: National Team Players[edit]

I like the idea for this category given how we're expanding out internationally, but am wondering what qualifications to use - senior national team only? College national team? Junior national team? Youth national team? What's the cut-off? - --Mischa 18:00, 30 April 2007 (EDT)

Thanks for the clarification. The templates for youth and national teams don't work right now. Also, what about say, a college national team that competes in a competition against a senior national team, as sometimes happens in Haarlem Baseball Week? Do the players on one side get one category and on one side get the other? Finally, if a player is on a country's youth team, junior team and senior team, do they get all three categories? See, for instance, Mark Duursma. - --Mischa 21:04, 20 May 2007 (EDT)

1)Thanks for the clarification regarding Haarlem Baseball Week. 2)As for players appearing on multiple teams, I've been using multiple categories. 3)Since the vast majority of categories have all the words starting with capitals, I figure that for consistency sake, we should use National Team Players instead of National team players. 4)I think most people would use "Cuban national team" or "Italian national team", not "Cuba national team" as the latter just doesn't sound right. - --Mischa 19:03, 31 May 2007 (EDT)

All those new stubs[edit]

I see that lots of players stubs were created for the Women's Baseball World Cup without being listed under the recent changes. As all of these are stubs, what do they accomplish? Additionally, they link to non-existant categories and many of the places link incorrectly. Kenner, Louisiana for instance of Kenner, LA - --Mischa 19:03, 31 May 2007 (EDT)

I like the idea of category stubs as it can help make it easier. I think it's just as likely for people to add content to a "wanted page" as a "stub" though, in my experience. With a wanted page, I could easily see that Isao Shibata or Hitoki Iwase was "in demand." With the stubs, all are "equal priority" in the listing. If there was some way to differentiate "stubs with 28 links pointing to them" vs. "stubs with one link pointing to them", I think the stub system makes more sense. - --Mischa 19:37, 11 June 2007 (EDT)

This Year in Baseball Links[edit]

The links to the Cuban Serie Nacional season are unclear as they link to 1964, 1965, etc. when the pages are labeled 1964-1965, 1965-1966, etc. - --Mischa 14:02, 20 May 2007 (EDT)

Year-League pages[edit]

Great job on the Year-league pages. The 1909 AL and other pages from the "aughts" accidentally point to 1910s in the Negro Leagues, which does not exist - they should point to 1900s in the Negro Leagues. I'm unsure how to fix this as it is template-based. I think I caught most of the other linking errors. - --Mischa 12:14, 17 June 2007 (EDT)

Category Names and stubs[edit]

You write that "The categories aren't titles, they are sentence fragments". I always saw them as titles. How do we know people are looking at them as sentence fragments? Also, why does each need an accompanying article? If so, we have lots of articles to add (ex. minor league player, NPB player, KBO coach, etc.)

In regards to stubs, you write "Regarding the stubs, I don't think people or going on the site to Special:Wanted pages, looking for their page and then adding content. More than likely they are going to use a search engine to look for whatever, see the link on a page, click on it, and then see that there is nothing and add their info or question". I just don't see that many people adding information to stubs while quite a few posters see either something under wanted pages or see a "red link" and figure they want to fill in the blank. I personally think it's happened more. I haven't seen the creation of stubs spur the development of those pages any more quickly than if the stubs had not been created. - --Mischa 21:37, 17 June 2007 (EDT)


User:Mischa mentioned that you are working on a userbox. I would love to help in this process as I have worked on the infoboxes at wiki. What is the status of this and would you like some assistance? I think that there should be a couple of different types depending on the person being discussed. Baseball guy 13:47, 5 July 2007 (EDT)

Installed all of the extensions you requested[edit]

I can not get ImageMagick installed. It just won't work without dramatically upgrading all of the various libraries on the system. Please try out the extensions and let me know if there are any things that I should tweak or adjust. I also uploaded query.php in a location I can tell you if you e-mail me.


After the recent upgrades, there seem to be some templates that have gone haywire. All the date pages have some sort of template:switch in them that has left them all without a category. You seem to know your way around templates, can you figure out what's going on? --Jeff 01:15, 16 August 2007 (EDT)

Thanx --Jeff 01:16, 16 August 2007 (EDT)

Season/franchise templates and other questions[edit]

I like the season and franchise templates. One issue, one question: 1) The link to the minor league affiliates is incorrect. It should point to Atlanta Braves Minor League Affiliates, not list of Atlanta Braves affiliates, etc. 2) Where do the franchise templates go? Only on the team page? -

The recent upgrades have made some pages that rely on templates not work right. See Jun-hyeok Yang for instance.

Also see 1932 in the Negro Leagues.

Some images are off, as in the 1998 Baseball World Cup, now, as well.

--Mischa 13:42, 17 August 2007 (EDT)


Hi there. If you can, please vote at this page regarding Wikipedia and should we take content or not. Thanks Soxrock 17:23, 17 August 2007 (EDT)

Re: Stub templates categories

I was just trying to make sense of the endless new "wanted categories" created by the rampant cut and paste from wikipedia lately (this list was huge a couple of days ago). If you have a plan for setting up those categories, go for it. --Jeff 10:55, 19 August 2007 (EDT)

What's happening[edit]

Comment left at 00:53 8/15/2007. Answers come after the "-" mark I will make

1. Why are two accounts being used? - Because I don't want to clutter my contributions with thalk page edits 2. Are all of these templates in Category:Baseball standings templates necessary, isn't the information already on the associated league page. If they are deemed necessary, alot of them need to be fixed as they link to the "main page" modern page for the club. For instance in

American League W L Pct. GB
Detroit Tigers 90 63 .588 --
Cleveland Naps 90 64 .584 ½
Chicago White Sox 88 64 .579
St. Louis Browns 83 69 .546
Boston Red Sox 75 79 .487 15½
Philadelphia Athletics 68 85 .444 22
Washington Senators 67 85 .441 22½
New York Highlanders 51 103 .331 39½

the link for the Detroit Tigers goes to the Detroit Tigers rather than 1908 Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Browns > Baltimore Orioles? - They are neccesary because that way it'll be a detailed look at the standings. I am going to fix all the links soon enough.

3. Are the listing of stats for most (all?) of the players necessary, the information (and much more) is a link away at the main BR site. If we want to list the team's roster there are User:Exshpos' great looking templates. Maybe a list of team leaders for certain stats would be better. Is it really that important to show that Slats Jordan had 4 at bats for the 1902 Orioles. - Yes, it is important, because I am not using complete stats, only some. I have the link to the B-R page in the infobox 4. Shouldn't there be a link to the yearly league page on the seasonal team articles. The standings and placing could go in the template. Should the header colors be changed to team specific? - There are links for the year the season was. At least on the articles I've worked on. The header changing may require numerous, uneeded templates. 5. Are these all of templates necessary?

6. What is the point of having these images uploaded here: Image:Al 1901 newyork 01.jpg, Image:Al 1912 newyork 01.jpg? We could just as easily link to the HoF page (or not since the link is already on the linked BR page) without using (stealing?) their content. - The images are uploaded here to provide an easier glimpse of their images and the link would not work, as that page has been removed from the HoF site (Dressed to the Nines no longer works) 7. There was seems to duplication of images and templates. " - Don't understand that, really

Soxrock 18:27, 22 August 2007 (EDT)

Seasonal templates[edit]

Hi Mike. In trying to tag seasonal articles with the season template, I've noticed that it does not show up properly. Can that be fixed? Thanks Soxrock 16:42, 31 August 2007 (EDT)

Robot doing funny stuff[edit]

Michael, what's this robot of yours adding the new category "Settlement in Florida" to all Florida places (this may apply to other states as well - I haven't checked). It's pretty useless in my view, since we already have the "places" category, and one can find all the places in Florida with one click from that page. In my view, this is useless category proliferation and should be avoided. Can you get your friendly robot to remove all of this, please. It will take forever to do it by hand. --Philippe 10:48, 5 September 2007 (EDT)

Michael was acting on the discussion at BR Bullpen talk:Category Criteria; no one objected at the time. If we want to reopen the discussion, that's fine by me, but let's not ream Michael out for something that had been talked about months ago. - --Mischa 10:54, 5 September 2007 (EDT)

I'm not sure why I missed that discussion (Hard to follow everything that's going on). The sub-geographic categories would need headings though, in order not to appear as ugly red blotches... Carry on and don't mind me. --Philippe 11:19, 5 September 2007 (EDT)

Assorted Notes[edit]

1) In regards to the national teams, if you want to rename the categories, I am fine with that. I just thought that "Australian national team players" is the proper team, not "Australia national team players". A lot of stuff to be recategorized if we do go the latter route.

2) Thanks for getting rid of the cool names category.

3) Thanks for moving the places into the settlements categories. Do we now remove the places tag from all of these pages and make "settlements in x" a set of subcategories of places?

4) I wasn't aware that other countries call their "college" teams their under-21 teams. Should we keep the USA College National Team Player category distinct or are they also required to use the under-21 cutoff?

5) In terms of capitalization, I have no idea why it was decided to have all categories in caps - you might want to check with Sean.

6) Thanks for the congratulations about my son. He's doing well - up to 8 lb. 3 oz. at last check. He is sleeping fairly well for a newborn but sleep deprivation is getting to us (more so Miriam as she has to do the feedings).

7) I guess we have to add in the links to a lot of those standard navigation boxes you've made. I've been busy just keeping up with editing others' work and keeping the Main Page templates current and probably won't get to this anytime soon.

8) I'm still unclear on the flag system. So in 1988 Baseball World Cup - under team summaries, we should not use the country or national team templates, but rather just link to the national team directly?

9) Is there any way I can set my preferences so that "show bots" is the default?

- --Mischa 12:56, 17 September 2007 (EDT)

Let me add a couple things to the "Settlements in... " I hope the Bot will go in and remove the Places category, this will organize the category. Did I mess up the Bot's last run when I blocked it for a few hours? There are only 38 states that got the Settlements in category. --Jeff 23:38, 17 September 2007 (EDT)

What's happening (2)[edit]

Well, thanks for replying. Again, I'll reply to every point you made

1) Whatever, I don't think my alternate account is a big deal, I hardly use it anymore, only for talking with people and altering my userpage.

2) Well, I understand that reasoning, but they're there because it shows how they did relative to every other team. I honestly think their good additions, and worthy of being kept.

3) Now, I have found a great way to use the rosters and stats. Look at 1993, 1994 Florida Marlins OR 1901-1902 Baltimore Orioles and 1903-1904 New York Higlanders to see how I've made stats relevant with the rosters. Makes it any better.

4) Thanks

6) Oh, thanks also. It was just that going to the Dressed to the Nines link from most uniform pages, it was said to "not be found", therefore, I thought the link was dead. Thanks for showing it's new URL

7) Ok, I get it now. To be honest, I think the one I uploaded was better, because it's more well-known. You might be wondering "They're the same damn image!" what I'm saying is is that most people have never seen that bright image, most are familiar with the true, dark image. Either way, I'll let you guys decide what to do with all of them

Re 1) Ah hah, you see, I want to tag all the seasonal articles with a template at the bottom, and the templates I've seen you work on do not conform properly. I may be wrong, they may be fixed now, but from previous work here (1978-1984 Mariners), I've noticed that they do not conform properly at last check. Nonetheless, I'll revert to avoid a controversy.

Re 2) Ok, thanks. I was wondering how I could have good links while avoiding having their "B-R code" appendage attached

Note) I tried, and I'll try again, but my problem was that I got something like "cannot move page." Of course I'll try to satisfy your request, but I'm not sure I CAN do it. Again, thanks for the reply. Soxrock 20:44, 19 September 2007 (EDT)

    • Again, like I said, look at 1901 Boston Americans. It just doesn't format right, the seasonal templates. Seriously Soxrock 20:45, 19 September 2007 (EDT)

One more thing[edit]

I tried replacing the 2006 Intercontinental Cup national team templates with the ones you told me to use nt|ITA, etc., but not all of them work - I only did "Competing Nations" but you can still see the error.

I also tried it on the 2003 European Championship page without any success. - --Mischa 12:29, 20 September 2007 (EDT)

And one more[edit]

Thanks for all the editing suggestions on the Dihigo page. - --Mischa 17:47, 21 September 2007 (EDT)

And yet more[edit]

The national team infoboxes aren't showing up on many of the national team pages now. - --Mischa 18:18, 25 September 2007 (EDT)

Possible error[edit]

You list Fernando Sanfeliz as the IBB leader in the 1962 Cuban National League but the Baseball Guide I have from Cuba lists Sanfeliz with 0 intentional walks and only 9 AB in his entire career. - --Mischa 15:59, 14 October 2007 (EDT)

Standardized boxes[edit]

Ugh, I get it. However, look at 1901 Boston Americans season. If they are supposed to be our navigation boxes, they need to conform to the pages. I get the page you point out, but what is the point of having some box that appears differently on articles than it should? You see, until I can see them work on the seasonal articles, I'll stick with my boxes. Sorry, but I think we need stuff that works the way it should rather than stuff that does not work the way it should. SoxrockTalk/Edits 17:59, 26 October 2007 (EDT)

Well, Mike, sorry, but you made it so much harder. I explored the Cubs template, and I saw something that looked weird. <noinclude>{{nb start}}</noinclude>. I removed the noincludes, and it works now. Why did they have those noincludes? As it turned out, things were much harder than they should've. At least now I can tag articles with your templates and redirect mine. Just saying, it was made much harder for me than it should've. SoxrockTalk/Edits 21:49, 26 October 2007 (EDT)

New categories[edit]

Why did you make a category "Minor league ballparks" when "Minor League Ballparks" already existed? - --Mischa 20:39, 29 October 2007 (EDT)

If we're going to use the former, we should move all the entries in the latter to the new category to avoid inconsistency. - --Mischa 21:21, 29 October 2007 (EDT)

Bot Question[edit]

Hi, I know you have a bot (MEBot); hopefully you can help me out here. Whenever I try to login with the bot I just created, it tells me login failed (or wrong password). Does it have to have bot status to allow me to login? Thanks.   jj137 (Talk) 16:44, 1 November 2007 (EDT)

That definitely helped. A few hours ago I fixed the "login bug" (and was able to log in for the first time); I got some editing done but was still unsure about a bunch of things. Your caveats surely helped me out with my questions. Again, thanks   jj137 (Talk) 22:22, 9 November 2007 (EST)

Ntf templates[edit]

Now that these have been erased, will you replace all the links to them? Ex. 1978 Haarlemse Honkbalweek points in numerous places to templates that don't exist. - --Mischa 19:44, 4 November 2007 (EST)

Bot Projects[edit]

Can you post to "What's Happening" whenever MEBot starts a new project? - --Mischa 11:53, 7 December 2007 (EST)

2007 in Japanese Baseball[edit]

I did most of the entry for 2007 in Japanese Baseball but do not have a list of Japanese players in other countries (section 4.1) or know anything about University Baseball (section 3). Could you complete these two sections? - --Mischa 12:14, 27 December 2007 (EST)